CO2 emissions production-based accounting vs consumption : Insights from the WIOD databases

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This final, medium-scaled WIOD conference was organized to present work that uses this database (or related databases) for empirical analyses, scenario studies and simulation of a wide range of policy measures. Dale Jorgenson (Harvard University), Glen Peters (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo) and Adrian Wood (Oxford University) acted as keynote speakers. The Conference started on Tuesday, April 24 at 09.15 and ended on Thursday, April 26 with a lunch. After this lunch there was a consortium meeting for consortium members only. In order to enhance the contacts between researchers and to enable them to continue their discussions in an informal setting, dinners were arranged in the evenings of the conference. There was no registration fee for this WIOD conference. It was stressed that all participants are required to cover their own costs for travel, hotel and other expenses, as the organizers couldn’t provide any funding. The lunches and dinners were free of charge.

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