A Framework for Member States to Support Business in Improving its Resource Efficiency - An Analysis of support measures applied in the EU-28

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In order to support businesses in improving their resource efficiency, Member States use a variety of approaches, ranging from voluntary to regulatory measures. This study assesses the scope of application of ten relevant measures and provides good practice cases of these ten measures across Member States. Through pre-filling information and eliciting feedback from Member State officials, this study found a wide range of examples of measures, varying from country to country and region to region, and also in the lessons learnt that can be drawn from their application in the Member States. Beyond extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes, no support measure has been replicated by all Member States –EPR coverage seems being driven by the legal obligations to transpose EU Directives into national law. Many of the support measures investigated could be more systematically adopted, building on the lessons learnt from where they have proven to be a success. This necessitates identifying ways of transferring and adapting knowledge to other Member States in their respective context(s). Using EU funding to finance international best practice exchange seems promising to continue enabling Member States to help their businesses improve their resource efficiency.

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